Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bus Stop Antigua associated with the Government of Antigua & Barbuda?

No, Bus Stop Antigua is a private website which was created to provide information on how to use the public transportation system in Antigua.


What is the public transportation system in Antigua?

The public transportation system consists of independent bus operators and bus drivers who operate on various routes. These routes commence and end at either East Bus Station or West Bus Station in the city of St. John's. Most operators own mini buses (omni buses), while a few drive coaster buses.

Although the bus system is operated by private bus drivers, the fare and route systems are regulated by the Government of Antigua & Barbuda via the Antigua & Barbuda Transport Board.


Are the fares on this site accurate?

Unfortunately there is no official rate sheet so the fares can not be 100% accurate. The fares on Bus Stop Antigua are derived from an unofficial rate sheet used by bus operators. On ocasion, a bus driver will charge more or less than the amount presented on this site.


What is the exchange rate for US dollars to local currency?

The exchange rate is very fluid. Banks exchange US to ECD - US$1.00 = ECD$2.67 or ECD$2.72, but on the street the exchange varies - US$1.00 = $2.50 - $2.70. Most bus operators will use the rate US$1.00 = ECD$2.50. Please note that if your are to get back change, you will be getting it in local currency.


Do bus drivers accept Euros, Canadian dollars, etc?

No, the only currencies accepted by private businesses in Antigua are ECD (Eastern Caribbean Dollars) and US (United States) dollars. It would be best to exchange other currencies to one of these currencies before getting on the bus.


Can I take a bus from the airport to my hotel?

This is not advised as many buses do not have space for luggage. Also many hotels are not easily accessible by bus. It is best to utilize the taxis available at the airport.


Are there any bus routes close to hotels?

Most of the resorts and hotels are far from the regular bus routes. If you are traveling from St. John's, you can negotiate with the bus driver to deliver you at or close to your hotel. Unfortunately, if you are traveling from your hotel, it is best to hire a taxi.


Can I take a bus to a beach?

Not many bus routes travel close to beaches. Below are the few beaches that are on or close to bus routes:

Bus Routes
Bus Routes
Jolly Beach
Valley Church Bay
Ffryes Bay
Darkwood Beach
Turners Beach
Cades Bay
Long Bay
Half Moon Bay
Fort James
Runaway Bay
Dickenson Bay
Fort Barrington

* You will have to walk from 15 - 45 minutes to get to the beach from the closest bus stop.


How do I know what route the bus travels on?

The route number is usually affixed to the upper right hand corner of the bus' windscreen.


Who do I go to if I have a concern with the bus I traveled on?

You can speak to an employee of the Antigua & Barbuda Transport Board. They usually wear light green uniforms with the logo of the Transport Board on it.


Who do I pay the fare to?

Normally the bus driver collects the fare. Some bus drivers collect the fare at the bus station when the bus is traveling from St. John's. Otherwise, the bus driver collects the bus fare at your final destination.


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